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Green Affordable Housing Resource Hub


The Green Affordable Housing Resource Hub serves as an informational guide for energy project financing, energy management, and policies supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for affordable multifamily properties with a focus on Southeast Michigan.

Learn about financial incentives and funding opportunities for your multifamily energy projects.

Discover best practices for tracking energy consumption and resources for managing your energy portfolio.

Explore examples of successful multifamily energy projects and financing solutions.

Have a question about multifamily energy projects? Found a winning strategy or recommended technology? Take a moment to post your question or share your story with a community of multifamily property stakeholders.

Review key documents and energy policies impacting multifamily properties as well as green certification programs.

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Disclaimer: The information on this website aims to provide helpful resources for the affordable housing sector. References are provided for informational purposes only. Please be aware that listed websites may change. This list is not all inclusive or exhaustive but intended to serve as a reference guide.


The Resource Hub was created by EcoWorks and made possible through funding from Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. 

EcoWorks is a Detroit based nonprofit with over thirty years of providing services at the intersection of community development and sustainability. While our roots are firmly planted in energy conservation, we have grown to emphasize all aspects of sustainable development as it relates to building affordable, energy efficient residential housing and commercial buildings.

Enterprise is a proven and powerful nonprofit that improves communities and people’s lives by making well-designed homes affordable. We bring together the nationwide know-how, partners, policy leadership and investments to multiply the impact of local affordable housing development. Over 35 years, Enterprise has created 585,000 homes, invested more than $43 billion and touched millions of lives.

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