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Swati Evision
Feb 08, 2022
In Technology & Products
The picture of marketing jobs in India has changed dramatically over the last few decades, and all signs are that this trend will continue. It was very much the Mad Men approach not long ago: create something gorgeous and splatter it across one of three channels (TV, print, mail). Because it was impossible to link individual campaigns to income, KPIs such as inventiveness and “it feels right” were frequently used. That is practically seldom the case nowadays. Even seemingly benign subject lines are meticulously recorded to identify which ones people clicked on and which ones they didn’t. From traditional television to Buzzfeed sponsored content to Snapchat commercials, the number of outlets has grown. However, companies are increasingly developing their own content for inbound marketing, which simply adds to the cacophony. So, how can you make yourself stand out? How can you create marketing campaigns that capture the attention of the right individuals while also satisfying the (constantly growing) demands? Let’s figure out.

Swati Evision

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