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Energy Management

Energy Management

Below is collection of resources and information to assist with benchmarking and tracking energy use for affordable multifamily housing. For more detailed guidance on energy management, see the resources in the Energy Management Best Practices section.

Benchmarking and Tracking Energy Use

No Cost Benchmarking Tools

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Energy Star Portfolio Manager is a free online tool for tracking energy use, utility costs, water consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Paid Benchmarking Tools and Services

WegoWise is an online platform that helps property owners, managers, and investors improve the energy and water efficiency of their portfolios.

EnergyCAP provides utility bill accounting and energy management software and serves as a data hub.

Azility (formerly Planet Footprint) provides energy management software driving energy, water, and emissions savings.

Elevate Energy's Multifamily Energy Efficiency program provides benchmarking support for multifamily properties.

Based in Detroit, EcoWorks provides benchmarking and services supporting energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy management initiatives.

Energy Use and Utility Data Sources

Energy Management Best Practices

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