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Background Research and Information

As a network, Michigan Energy Efficiency for All has produced and allows access to an array of support materials and research. Please don't hesitate to contact us
Optimal Energy National Potential Study: Michigan Fact Sheet
MEEFA Policy Focus:
White Papers

Optimal Energy's Potential for Energy Savings study speaks to the opportunity Michigan has in focusing on the affordable multifamily housing stock as effective way of achieving reductions in energy waste on the whole. According to the Optimal Study, multifamily housing in Michigan is estimated to make up 15.3% of all state housing stock with 59.6% being affordable multifamily housing. Additionally, the multifamily housing stock in Michigan is aging; 69.7% was built prior to 1980 with 52% of these constructed prior to 1960. These numbers speak to the opportunity Michigan has to help citizens today even as they illuminate the potential energy efficiency gains the multifamily space holds. Read the Michigan focused fact sheet here or find the whole national study here.

Dig into the MEEFA Network's Policy Briefs on the following topics:

Energy Efficiency for All: Program Design Guide
Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs

The national EEFA group has identified 12 best-practices for policymakers, regulators, and program administrators to help building owners invest to increase the energy efficiency of multifamily affordable housing. Read over them here.

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